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Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Fun

March Fun
Bible lesson for this month is on Easter and Lent.
Spring is coming

Art ~

Is March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb?

Black construction paper
Wiggly Eyes
Cotton balls or polyfil
Scrap materials
Have children trace their hand. This will be the body of their lamb. Now they will cut their black lamb out. The thumb of their hand is the lamb's head. Have them glue a wiggly eye on this part. Cover the rest of the body with cotton balls. Remind them to leave the legs (their fingers) uncovered. Take the scraps of material and add a colorful springtime bow to the lambs.

When I think of Easter candy for some reason, I think of jellybeans.
Materials Bag of jelly beans ~ several
Poster Board
Colored markers
Provide students with a large supply of jellybeans. Have them separate the jellybeans into groups according to color. Have the children count the number of jellybeans for each color. Then as a group, make a line graph, a bar graph, a pictograph, and a pie chart. This exercise is great practice for sorting and graphing.
Math Journal

Upper elementary
1. The Easter Bunny has 27 eggs to deliver to 3 friends. If each friend receives the same number of eggs, how many eggs will they receive?
2. Your friend has 6 rabbits. Each rabbit has 4 babies. How many baby rabbits are there?
3. You are planting a garden. You have 8 rows in your garden. You have 48 seeds to plant. Plant your seeds evenly. How many will you put in each row?
Lower elementary
1. Steven and Marybeth went on an Easter egg hunt. Steven found 5 eggs and Marybeth found 4 eggs. How many eggs did they find in all?
2. Katie has 13 jellybeans. She gave 8 to Kristin. How many jellybeans does Katie have left?
3. The girls have 3 red eggs, 7 blue eggs, and 5 pink eggs. How many eggs do they have in all?

Language Arts
Scrambled Eggs
Ten colorful plastic eggs
Easter grass
On small pieces of paper, program the "inside" of the eggs by writing scrambled spelling words, sentences to properly punctuate, definitions, abbreviations etc. In the basket, place the directions. For example, if we were going to do abbreviations, you would write ST. on one strip, RD. on another, RN on another. Your directions would be to open each egg. Write the word for each abbreviation. This activity has numerous opportunities for you to program. You may want to place this in the geography center. Write the state capitals and have the children write the state. Use it for spelling words, math problems, there are many uses.

Alphabetical Eggs
10 colorful paper eggs
Basket or other container to hold this game
Use your spelling words or the words provided for this game. The children will place the eggs in alphabetical order. Here are some springtime words. Spring, rain, robin, eggs, flowers, March, April, chicks, hatch, and nests.

Daily Language
Have your children copy the following sentences. Then allow them to take a red crayon and circle the mistakes. Next, they will write the sentence in the correct form.
1. i got too chocolate eggs
2. the wind blue my kite away
3. her gonna get a knew bonnet
4. the easter bunny are going to come

Construction paper basket
Colorful paper eggs
Make a construction paper Easter basket for each student. After the student reads a book, have them pick a colorful egg. They will write the title on the front and their favorite part of the book on the back. You may want to display these on a bulletin board on in the hallway.

Center Activities
Several Cleaned empty milk carton
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Easter grass
Construction paper eggs
Using half pint milk cartons make several baskets. Cut the top off the milk carton. Make sure the carton in clean and dry. Cover the bottom of the carton with construction paper. Use a pipe cleaner for the handle. Decorate the basket with stickers. If you decide to put these baskets in the math center, you may want to make 10 baskets. Label each basket with a number from one to ten. On the eggs program math exercises where the answers are from one to ten. For example, on one egg you could have 2 x 5 =. For your younger darlings, you could have 3 + 4 =. The children would sort the eggs into the correct basket. You could also use this for language arts. On your baskets, you could place constant blends such as ch, tr, sh, wh, etc. On the eggs, you would have pictures of things that start with those beginning sounds. The children would look at the pictures and place the egg in the correct basket.

Creative Writing
Using your five senses
5 pieces of paper per student
2 sheets of construction paper
Crayons or markers
Have your children write seeing on one page, smelling on another, tasting on another, hearing on another, and feeling on the last. The children will write or draw things that their senses tell them it is spring. Using the construction paper, make this into a book. An example page may look like the following:
Birds singing
SeeingBirds building a nest

Letter to the Easter Bunny

This is an excellent opportunity to review the five parts of a personal letter. Have your little darlings write a letter to the Easter Bunny.

Planting Time
Grass seed
For this exercise, you will need to boil an egg. Carefully cut away a small circle at the top of the egg. The circle needs to be big enough to clean the inside of the egg. Wash the inside of the egg. Mix your grass seed and dirt together. Carefully place this inside the egg. Make sure you keep this watered. As the grass starts to grow, the roots will push through the egg. This will demonstrate the weathering process. As you continue to water your grass, the water will seep through the cracks. The water may carry some of the dirt with it. This will demonstrate erosion. Have your students write their observations in their journal.
Happy planting.


  1. Hello Debi. I am from South Africa and I am in your COpic Group. I was so happy when I saw your email about the lesson. I am in a Missionary Church here in South Africa. We have 98% underpriviliged people in our congregation. ALmost a third of them are children under 16. Our school system has really deteriorated in the last 16 years, to the extent that there are children in Grade 6 who cannot read. The teachers are unqualified, and are sitting with over 50 kids in a classroom , so even the ones that are qualified, are despondent. We started a library at our church (old books for kids that were donated) and we also teach the kids from 4-8 basic reading/writing/math skills after Sunday School while the adult service is on. I want to thank you for these lessons. I will have to translate them into my language, but the ideas are WONDERFUL!!! I am not a teacher and I don't even have KIDS, so these ideas are a Blessing from above!! I also want to tell you that you are very blessed to have found a man like Michael and that I hope his eye will heal completely - and even if it does not - remember what we have to look forward to one day!! Thank you!

  2. Debi,
    Loved the new card's. Have agreat creative day.