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Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to my Craft room

Kick off your shoes, lean back in your favorite chair and come visit my craft room. Let me give you a little history. When we first got married, 2/24/01, Michael took a bedroom and made me a craft room. I thought it was awesome. I tried to put so much in there, that things were falling on my head. One day after a brain surgery, a large box fell on my head. Michael said that's it. He gave up the family room. We sold all the furniture, our entertainment center, our 55 gal. aquarium and started filling my dream. He put cabinets and shelves in this craft room. I have a sewing department, stamping department, scrapping department and more. The theme is snowmen, because snowmen are snowflakes waiting to be created into snowmen. Enjoy.


  1. Great space, Debi! I love it AND I love how Michael is doing his Vanna impression on your shelves!!!

  2. You are very fortunate. I have space in the basement and love it. You just have to love where you are. You have a great room for crafting . It fits you.

  3. That is so wonderful...OMG the stuff you have...I thought I had a lot but nope...not quite that much! Will have to keep working at that! Say "Hi" to Michael since he is doing such a good job showing off your new cabinet! Happy Creating! Sara

  4. Oh you make me feel so much better...your room resembles mine so much...lots of "stuff" and yes I need it to hear you and michael are doing well!

  5. Awesome Debi! And what an awesome husband!

  6. Hey, I'm not Andrew! I'm Laura Solkey! Andrew is my husband. Not sure why it did that!!! Aw, my husband must have signed in to his gmail last. Oops!